Top 5 Big Pharma Nutritional Myths That Keep You On Unnecessary Prescriptions

These things that I am about to share with you will likely take a few weeks to year to research to understand that I am correct. It is simple. If you like being diagnosed with illness then you will probably argue with me. That’s fine. My work is not for you. For those that sit on the fence and see the challenge before you as one that you want to complete then read through this and let me know if there is a chance you might want to allow me to begin to work via phone consultation to get your health under control. It is a fantastic journey.

1. Diabetes -

Insulin Response to consumption of glucose is one of the simplest and yet most common conditions treated with pharmaceutical pills. Somehow we have been convinced that if our glucose values ever climb above 100 that we need to have a pill to suppress this normal body function. Completely untrue. We are designed to consume food and produce the hormone insulin to regulate the production of ATP from glucose molecules and storage of glycogen inside the muscles for energy later. Fasting glucose levels drop below 100 for a typical individual, eating anything will increase your blood glucose levels. So if you are holding a knife and fork, you are technically pre-diabetic. If your glucose levels increase above 170 and return within a week to anything below 170 you are not diabetic. Sweet Mother of God!

2. Hypertension -

Blood pressure should be around 120/70 and if you ever have anything higher you need at least to begin taking a water pill. Are you kidding me? Ever raise children? Get stuck in traffic? We all are gifted with a stimulus/stress response system, however patience is a virtue. Most people are critically deficient in a few basic nutrients that can easily treat high blood pressure. Magnesium is the strongest relaxing mineral for your best night of sleep and the solution to all your aches and pains. It is a simple vaso-dilator and a muscle relaxant. It is actually registered as a topical analgesic. Combine this with frankincense essential oil and you’re on your way to being drug free.

3. Indigestion -

So you have decided to take the challenge of drinking 2 pitchers of beer, eating half a XXL meat lovers pizza and now as your designated driver loads you into the truck, you think "Time for a Tagament" or "Pop a Prilosec" to stop this horrible heartburn. This is a dead end situation in so many ways. All of that digestion stops as soon as you take a Proton Pump Inhibitor or antacid tablet. Instead understand that most people are suffering from extremely low levels of HCL, our main digestive enzyme. Poor food choices, bad lifestyle behaviors, and lack of nutrients all contribute to improper digestion, but there is hope for the heartburn suffers. It can be tackled without causing long term dysfunction within your stomach.

4. Anti-Biotics -

Because we are the Z-Pak Nation, we have created so many antibiotic resistant microbes in our environment. We have used a mentality that antibiotics are better than good food, nutrition, and adequate rest at fighting and protecting ourselves from antigens. The compounds found in these antibiotics are actually mold toxins or strong chemicals used to kill things. The overuse of them results in dependency, just like any other drug. When first discovered the idea of using these forms of bacterial warfare was a major benefit in our world. However, they have an extreme detrimental effect to the intestinal flora of the human body and result in long term damage that must be repaired with conscious effort.

5. Cholesterol -

So I was out fishing in my pond the other day and all of a sudden I hooked something big. After I set the hook then 300 feet of line ran out from me as I was fighting with the beast from below the water. After fighting for 77 hours, I finally was able to pull the white whale into the boat and it began to tell me this story. I was warned it was the biggest lie ever told. A long long time ago, a researching doctor wrote a paper that said there was "the possible correlation" of cholesterol with heart disease and atherosclerosis but further research was needed. This was the first shot of the War on Cholesterol. Now the nuclear arms of statin drugs are so commonplace within our population that we are literally cholesterol starved and our health continues to fail. We became cholesterol and fat phobic.

Healthy cholesterol levels were reduced prior to the release of Lipitor into the market. The idea is similar to the diabetic dilemma, 199 is healthy total triglycerides value, 200 requires medication. This whale must be was telling me a crazy tall tale about the AMA right? Sorry Charlie. But then it gets even more bizarre by saying there is a difference from HDL and LDL, one is a hero and is only working for our good, and the other is literally waiting to kill you if the ratio is out of balance. The only actual difference here is the fact that LDL is a big Band-Aid and HDL is a smaller Band-Aid for when our cells are suffering from inflammation and stress. If a doctor did not prescribed this drug and talked to you about your diet first, then the healthy solution could begin immediately.

As an integrative nutrition specialist focused on holistic health and nutritional healing of the human body illness and disease, I work with all types of people in a focused 3 month program solely dedicated to reducing any single type of pharmaceutical use. I love to coach people through the development of natural alternative solutions for many of the lifestyle choice diseases that require a new perspective on health. If you feel it is time to change course, reduce the side effects, remove the drugs and live more free and healthy send me a quick email at

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