Turkey Trot & Healing Old Injuries

My hope is that everyone reading this post found themselves enjoying the beginning of the holiday season in their own special ways with family, friends, and great organic foods. Thanksgiving has passed us by and there are so many things we might have wished we could have done differently, less pumpkin pie, more organic fruits and veggies, or a couple more times to exercise.

I gave myself a challenge of running a 10k turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning. It was amazing to be out running with such a great group of people after so many years of not progressing due to injury and work schedule. I was planing on running the 5k, but it is hard for me to back down from a challenge, so 10K it was!

In my goal, of running the LA Marathon this coming March 2017, is something that will push me in every single area (not only my personal health and wellness), but has provided a great deal of education beyond the daily tasks of being a holistic% health coach and working with others to achieve their goals.

I was able to take an easy pace run around the course outlined in the south portion of Old Town Murrieta. Somewhere around mile 4, something started to bother me intensely in my knee. I adjusted my recently purchased shoes twice, changed my pace and lead foot to try to remove the irritation. However, I completed the 10k with a time of 64 minutes.

I return home for a few hours before the turkey needs to be in the oven and the little irritation begins to throb, my leg begins to stiffen, and I am sensing the fast approaching inflammation response. WHAT DO I DO? RUN TO URGENT CARE!! FREAK OUT AND THROW AWAY MY SHOES!! Lay down and say “running isn’t for me?”

No. I follow my own advice. I begin to perform a series of massage techniques, stretching, and various supplements that I am going to share with you now.

Here is my process for battling the post run inflammation reaction.

  • 150 grams of MSM powder with Shilajit, Crystal Salt, Vitamin C, and Cats Claw Bark Powder

  • 3 teaspoons of Liquid Turmeric Extract with Black Pepper based in sunflower oil (repeated twice)

  • An essential oil blend of frankincense, clove, geranium, eucalyptus, and DMSO

  • My personally customized CBD Salve with added turpines (repeated three times)

  • A coffee tonic with peptides, BCAA Complex, Aspartic Acid, MCT Oil, Rice Bran Soluble, and Moringa leaf.

  • Microwave Flax Seed Heat Pack for 10-15 minutes (repeated 4 Times after each topical medicine salve)

  • Finally able to end the day with a deep 75 minute bath soak with my favorite Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Magnesium Flake Salt, Borax, and 4 drops Essential Oil Blend

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