The year is coming to an end.  #Goodbye2017  But that means we are all beginning to look ahead at next year for the amazing opportunities that will be presented in the new year for those who are crazy planning people like me. #SuperTypeAPerson There has been so many changes since January 2017 at the Wellness Center.  I think what I am more proud of this year are the changes within myself and what I am witnessing in my family, especially those two little boys.  

They are growing up so fast.  Since I first held little Carter, I felt the importance of the tiny size and helplessness but I knew it was so short lived.  Life only has one direction... progress. Children show us that.  They just get bigger, do more, learn everything and grow up.  Reid challenges me each day to better myself and stay ahead of his curve of learning.  The lessons as take away from each moment is so immense.  I think that passion centered businesses are the same.  So much heart is put into the work that there is a lifeforce you give away.  Each day we challenge ourselves to be more, do more,  and live more.  

Are you living your life to the fullest of your experience?  Do you want more from each 24 hour cycle? 

Now things are going in a very different direction I will take in 2018.  It is time to get down to business with group classes and family training on empowering the self care programs of functional nutrition and strategic detoxification.  We are going to be understanding more of the diagnosis techniques and technologies that will help heal our bodies.   The long term goal of more emotional and energetic protection and release programs for holistic healing are going to become the foreground focus until this has been completely incorporated for each person to utilize as they see fit.   

Moving past the foundation lessons of The Five Essentials means maximizing longevity and developing manifestation controls in sensing the natural path of wellness and healing.  In other words,  once your blood tests show you have a healthy body, we all need to select the challenges of obtaining more in our lives as helping others discover more along their path.   

Making the best of each day,  creates the potential for the greatest weeks,  resulting in our best month,  ultimately becoming our ideal year.   It all begins with how you focus each day.

This year ahead will be filled with challenges and I can't wait to face those head on and learn more about myself in the process.  Working with others in the capacity of guide and teacher is an enormous gift by itself.   God bless everyone in the days to come.  Thank you for sharing your journey.   May your steps be guided,  your heart be light,  and smile be strong.   <3 ;-) ☆