Are you in control of your health? Is 2018 your year to make a big change?

Do you know how to activate your liver? Have you always been scared to perform a liver flush?

Cleansing the liver can happen in many ways. You can perform a water fast. You can drink some sweet and spicy lemonade. You can take a weeks worth of pills that activate your liver with herbs.

At Brilliance Nutrition we have a 14-30 day preparation program that ends in a 2 day full liver and gall bladder flush to remove the conglomeration of sludge, bile, and possibly parasites that you have carried for as long as you have been alive.

If you have not been confident enough to do this important and active function of personal health, then being able to be coached through this process will take most of the fear and caution down to a level that makes it possible to complete on your own. That means you create a new platform of your liver function and your health.

IF you identify with these top ten major signs you are in need of a liver cleanse, then you can send an email and get signed up for the OCTOBER LIVER CLEANSE.

1. Consistent Weight Gain and the Inability to lose any weight after restriction and exercise for greater than 30 days.

2. Routine Skin irritations like rashes, hives, pimples (acne), swollen glands, and eczema/psoriasis

3. PAIN (routine sharp stabby) irritation in the right side of your body

4. LOSS of Gall Bladder **unless recently having surgery** (you need time to heal)

5. Constantly Bloated and gassy after eating or not digesting fats or proteins well

6. Hormone imbalances from blood testing or recent changes in energy or mood

7. Cholesterol Imbalances

8. Eye irritations (dry, watery, yellow, red, or painful)

9. Routine Body Odor (not just after exercise or not showering for 5 days)

10. Sleep Issues like snoring, apnea, teeth grinding, or insomnia

These signs among others can be a definitive identification that you need to clean out this vital organ for obtaining your optimum level of health. Many people can also have an ultrasound to identify if you have fatty liver disease, or a swollen liver that is larger than the space provided under the rib cage.

I will be speaking directly about the process of performing this cleanse and help people identify if they are ready for this activation of their body. For those that are sitting on the fence or a little too fearful to stick their toe in the water, then please consider these life saving tips as your first step before next year when this season comes back around and you can determine if you feel more prepared at that time.

These Top 5 Tips can help slowly improve your liver function.

1. REDUCE SUGAR CONSUMPTION TO LESS THAN 25 GRAMS PER DAY - Find Healthy Alternatives and Eat your sweets in one setting or serving instead of a little bit the whole day. If you have a bag of chocolate candies to stop cravings it is better than 10 bites 10 times a day.

2. ELIMINATE ALL POLYSATURATED FATS LIKE SOYBEAN, CANOLA, GRAPESEED, and SAFFLOWER - Read your labels, challenge yourself to 10 days of eliminating one type or all and see how you feel in your energy and digestion.

3. DRINK MORE WATER THAN SODA, COFFEE, OR JUICE DRINKS - Set a goal 60, 80 or 100 ounces and notice how you feel after achieving this goal routinely

4. GO ORGANIC AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE - FROM PASTA TO BREAD, CITRUS TO BROCCOLI. It matters because the liver must filter everything that you come in contact with when you open your mouth.

5. TAKE MINI BREAKS FROM ALCOHOL AND CAFFIENE - Even 2-4 week breaks can dramatically improve your health, energy and vitality.

IF you would like to take on this challenge, then please send an email to brilliancenutrition@gmail.com the cost for this program for anyone interested is $49 for the digital downloads sent directly to your email including the 30 day superfood, herbal, juice preparations for improving the digestion and liver function before the 2 day amazingly simple cleanse. You will also get the access code for a focused webinar that will help deal with concerns, questions, and understanding for doing this important work.

We can also provide the items necessary or consultation to help personally guide anyone through this process as the gateway to amazing health. You can do anything with the proper dedication and an amazing guide to make the process simple and easy. Stay Healthy.