I have been in a constant battle and struggle my entire life of allowing myself to feel positive and good about myself and my purpose. I have a sad story. It is not the worse of conditions that many others I hear from and understand how life could be different in so many ways that could have been worse. However, my story was covered in self doubt and self destruction, constant self pity and self criticism. I have no other enemies but myself.

I am just now learning to break free from this concern and condition of life and harness that sad story as the beginning tale of victory and success in this present day from all my efforts. The old story doesn't matter anymore because it is the process that has developed me into the person I feel I am today and that success is where I want to live from this moment forward into the bright and determined future.

BRILLIANCE NUTRITION is the brain child of my years of personal experience from instruction and learning out of many various college programs and personal teaching instructors as I have walked my own path of natural healing over the last 15 years. Unlike many other healing systems, the point is not for me to be able to sell and profit from a manufacture or developer of a product and their marketing materials on why it is the cutting edge, best of the best, for the moment. Marketing is not a correct way to judge products and healing strategies. Atkins was popular! Drinking Pin Worms was popular. Science believed so many things proven false over the last century and we will likely be proven false in the next.

The point of all of this effort, energy, and explaination is to give you the confidence boost necessary to begin your own healing journey and adventure away from the popular trends and habits or behaviors of the herd mentality and to permit you to begin a personal healing journey that only you can have for yourself. Nothing matters until you are the one doing to action and feeling the raw beautiful internal connection of what something is doing within your body.

This is a sandbox, a testing ground, the sounding board of ideas, a partnership and collaboration of energy and effort with the sole purpose and goal of discovering healing and enjoyment in each and every moment of life. Right now this country and most of the world is in a medical tyranny and control nightmare larger than anything ever experienced before. Industrial systems have hijacked the food production systems, medical treatment and scientific developments, water production, air pollution, solar management and control, EMF vibratory pollutions and thought control with social perception campaigns that drive at the core of human function and operation. We all want to live with some level of certainty and safety. It is hard for life to continue when there is a constant state of fear and progressive development of chaos instead of the natural order of life.

The modern plague is a complete loss of sovereignty or functional independence. We have permitted a global monster of dependence and Mutual Assured Destruction not only in nuclear armaments but in the power plant developments, the GMO monster, the uncontrolled pollution levels and the power of transgenic and mutagenic viral and bacterial development. We struggle to know how to produce anything on our own. From food and water to love and self care, however it seems we are locked into a system that requires complete subjugation and nearly powerless adherence of each broken system piled upon another without anything resembling harmony or functional congruence.

If I have lost you, then I can sum it up quickly now that those larger, wordy thoughts have been expressed.

We must learn to love and care for ourselves, to retain any level of independence in this modern world or the 22nd century will have some very dire consequences. That means we don't follow in our father/mother footsteps. That means we have to step out of our peer groups and colleagues to learn more about the internal perspectives instead of consistently feeling the ego and collective ethos is supporting our every movement. Survival in the 1800-1900s was hard but simple. Plant crops, hunt food, develop families and communities of support and life was good. After the city states, metropolitan explosion turned the focus on production instead of personal development, we have more stress that never seems to decrease no matter the level of effort. Self sufficiency was abandoned for global interdependence. Now, consumption and comparison are the only way to survive in this life.

As you find yourself tired of running the race of staying trendy with your healthy posts and endless search for better and better products, best garden salad ever, green smoothie proof of health, then the idea of developing personal comfort and understanding is the outcome of time spent with myself as your integrative nutritional counselor and establishing a program that gives you the edge you need to feel accomplished and active in your personal healing. You deserve to be perfectly satisfied with you and your body each day. This permits you to begin or continue the hard road of emotional and spiritual growth that in centuries past was the focus once daily survival was conquered. Now relative survival has become an almost guarantee, but we have lost the internal fire of soul development focus and the rewards of this process during what we call "life."

Discover your brilliance, each and every day it is the best focus with your time, effort, and energy. Surprise yourself often. Say yes to anything that every part of you normally says no. Be Love, don't just put up quotes about it. Be health, it invloves more than a gym card, green juice, and a multivitamin!

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