New Year, New You!! Not Likely, But That Is Going To Be OK!

This is the day that so many people join each other in one particular thought or another about change and productiveness. We come to the annual ritual of making the promise we think a group of friends or family are going to proud of us if we make our efforts to achieve. This is why it fails so often.

We have to take care of ourselves for our sake. We have to begin to want something for our own deep reasons. If making a resolution made the difference then very few people would have large waistlines, bad skin or hair, be living tired and fogged, and not being as fit as they feel will make them acceptable for their spouse or friends. This is not the case because we can hold onto a new idea or concept for about 30-90 days for someone else, but we will make a permanent change once we have an internal reason to see and be the steps to go from where we are currently to the place where we next find comfort and happiness. This is what honestly sets our position in almost everything about life.

So today should be more correctly titled, Complaints, Misgivings, uneasiness, irritation identification day! The Day we say, "I do not like this about myself," "I wish this was different about myself or my environment," and If I had more of this, then I would be more happy and content!" I am all about strong honesty and then learning to deal with the honesty in one of two ways, You open the door and admit that is exactly as you like it, or you begin to make the series or steps of the change. There are only two options.

If it hurts or scares you enough, then you will make amazing changes within yourself. A recent heart attack will get you on the treadmill or stationary bike every day and drinking an awful protein green avocado banana smoothie each morning for a long while. If you are trying to make a predictive change, then it has more to do with how you judge yourself and the way you allow people around you to speak and act around you each day. If you tolerate yourself making excuses, if you get hurt by people making true constructive statements around you each day, then you will likely not make big steps or radical change or big leaps of self-improvement. That is ok.

The key point I want to make it draw attention to two statements that happen so often around the New Years holiday. When I get, "Fill In the Blank,' Then I will finally get something else accomplished or done. If you are creating if/when statements then you are very likely going to fail. This is because the second thing is the bigger action item and you are thinking you will make it easier to obtain if you have a smaller step first. For example, "I Will train for a marathon, once I can run a 7-minute mile." I will run a marathon after I run a 10k with confidence." Break this apart and say something more likely to be right in front of you, "I am going to run each and every day until I can run a 7 minute mile," or "I will run the 10k in February for Valentine's Day for fun with the group from Church" Which set of Items are you more likely to complete?

The second great mistake is declaring the end results when you have not taken a single step and not permitting the time needed to create the person who will be able to go after the biggest goals. Ie "I wish I had 10 million dollars," "I want to lose 100 pounds," or "I want to hike Mt Everest." Be perfectly honest and ok with the little pieces that stack up in a sequence to be a final goal or plateau way in the future. If you make $2500 per month right now, then Saving $100 each week is a difficult goal in themselves, Losing 20 pounds each 90 days, or going for a weekly hike will help you step into those larger successes that can be ultimately rewarding and powerful. But don't allow the now you to be lost in the steps you need to take to make gentle progress.

All you need to do is the thing that will place you on your path with any subject to make a perfect next step that is very close to where you are right now. But if you keep making those close next steps routinely over and over each day or week, then all the steps on the journey that you need to take and the fun you will have on the way will be what your life is made upon the course of the next year.

LUKE 16:10

One who is faithful in the very little is also faithful in the much, and one who is dishonest in the very little will also be dishonest in the much.

newest version of you will surprise you as you take those daily steps with ease and in joy. How can we begin to help you see those steps? What can we do to make this process more simplistic and corrective towards a life you want to be living each day? Please feel free to connect with us via the website, email, or Facebook for a personal strategy session.

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