DAY 2 is finished. Where do you feel you stacked Up? What's Next?

How was your yesterday? Did you get to the gym? Did you stay away from the bundt cake? Was the hangover still a little too strong to drink just water and eat well on your new focused program?

That is perfectly ok if you said YES to any one or all of those questions. Like all things you have ever learned to do over your life, making these changes happens slowly and in very productive piece like steps that you have to master before you can really go onto the next action or routine.

You must learn to drink water happily each day, before you could ever water fast! If your ability to make a vegan recipe out of your old food styles like BBQ jackfruit, you have to learn to become content that it is not Louisiana Style Ribs, slow smoked for 10 hours and fall off the bone delicious, and you want join the crowd to make people happy and be VEGAN. Laughable. If that second portion of that line hit you hard in the senses, it makes a powerful statement for where your mind and tongue are at and the fight your system might give you when you are trying to make changes.

Most people look forward so far their neck hurts and they smack into a tree as they begin to make changes. Going to the GYM, we look at MMA fighter that have trained for 10-20 years, or old pictures of Arnold Schwarzenneger and say things like, if I could just be like that then I would be happy. I can personally share with you that this pattern will leabe you typically very disappointed with makig holistic changes. You must begin to find the best version of yourself in your actions not idolize someone else. They can inspire. They can educate. If you are lucky, they will even guide you. However, it must bea better version of yourself that shows up after making a change from doing the steps repeatedly and loving the process of the change to find the best success and joy along the way.

This is one of the greatest secrets. Stop, Drop and Forget Comparisons of any type once you are ready to change. Focus on the best self-created version of you to be your best friend next year. Think of all the great ways you might feel by next year. Write down two personal reasonsyou want to push yourself through the daily grind and steps of the process. Otherwise, if all you have is other peoples needs, feelings and emotions involved then you will very likely quit and not find that Brilliant Diamond Self under the muddy, flaky, dirty, tarnished, bruised outer covering trying to fit in with a crowd or a relationship.

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