Natural Sugar Balancing: Addiction to Pancreatitis and Back

Sugar has invaded every aspect of the daily lives of children, adults and the elderly with disabling and lethal impacts. The rates of people diagnosed and affected by this global pandemic is very ominous. Sugar rich foods were once an extreme delicacy and only for those with the means to purchase the commodity and to have specific chef skilled at the use of this item in baked goods, treats, and celebrations.

Now sugar consumption for this country has hit new heights, the average level of An American per year is over 120 pounds. Our addiction has allowed us to become the country that spends the most money per person on healthcare and we have dropped to about 60th in the world for the quality of that care.

It is time to shift the paradigm. Everyone must first look to understand themselves and then we can have the greatest impact on the system that we use to care for ourselves, our family and the citizens of this great nation.

This coming Thursday at 7 PM, the class focus will be focused on discovering those steps for you and your family members.

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