Beautiful Life Lessons of An 80 Year Old American from Romania

My mother-in-law has one of the most amazing life stories. Born in Romania. She survived the Communist Regime of Stalin backed Ceausecu. As she studied, she focused on becoming a phenomonal chemist trained in University of Bucharest. As she grew up, she was married to an amazing Economist that prospered in the import/exports of the country trying to promote the welfare of a system that gave all of their resources to the Soviet Union and kept a portion local for basic needs. No religious freedom. No freedom of speech. No freedom of travel. No freedom of Due Process or Justice. However, they both knew of this place in the world revered for the ideal of The Constitution, developed by men and women of the Colonial States forming a better union, a more perfect union, of The People, by The People, and for The People!!

USA was a dream. The stories of the Allies defeating the Axis in the theater of World War II, defenders of the greater good. A unified group of people whom focused their energy, efforts, resources, will, faith, and lives to acheive the goal of Freedom!! So they made the trip across the world and seas in order to adopt this dream.

As she lives today, her life is centered around the care and love of her Grandchildren. She stands and stares in wonder for the two of them in the joy of play and imagination. She says, "we all grow up so much to act like what we believe will be the best strategy of becoming an adult in order to survive, but we should spend more time like the children in play and fun. This will give you joy!!"

Through trials of growing up on a small farm with a connected family, she still holds to the idea that each person must find their place and be working on the whole level of total work in their own way to get everything done easily. If you do one thing with 100% of your heart and focus then this makes it easier on everyone else to be focused on thier own projects. The phrase used always, "To Each Their Own!"

I find myself always enjoying the way that she lives each day from waking up in the morning and working through the day until we put the boys down for bed and she will wrap up reading in bed with the Bible. Everyday! From the start of the day, there is a simple breakfast, a single cup of coffee, a small simple lunch, a quick dinner and many times a small 3 scoop bowl of fruit infused ice cream. Simple Milk, Fruit, Sugar, nothing extra. This all captures the idea, "Live simple, Life is Simple! Keep things simple."

We wish her the best birthday today. It has been so wonderful to partner and be able to watch and learn from the life lessons and perspectives from someone like her. Surviving Polio, growing up in Romania, living without electricity and water, fleeing a country that would not support life, liberty, and justice, immigrating to a new land and learning a new language, in a new culture, with a new job, and a new family!

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