Winter Gives Way To Spring: Liver Health Cleanse Season

The Joy of winter is coming to a close. The cold air forces us to find ways to be warm. We find great soup recipes. The slow pace of winter should give us time to reflect.

What is the main purpose and goal of my efforts towards healing?

How can I continue to incorporate more aspects that further my understanding of holistic self care?

Who can I connect with to enhance my community and feel less alone and isolated while healing?

The powerful piece of advice to place in your healing journal today...


Focus on the season that moves through our bodies, This is WINTER!! What emotions are present for you in the winter months? Are you homesick? Do you have anxiety? Does the cold hurt your body?

Many people, especially female bodies will expereince and deal with the releasing of irritations through the kidney and bladder systems. There is a need for the routine warmth of liquids via tea, soups, stews, and warm water bathing to stay in balance.

The best benefits to the body can come from stronger foods like Millet, Forbiden Rice, zucchini, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and lamb or elk meat!! My newest favorite style of fish to try for anyone adventuristic is tasmanian trout!!

Fear is the major emotion to stay clear from and not permit yourself to stay indoor or inside the mental space during winter with only a feeling of fear for too long. Be strong, be bold, hibernate for a while to gain strength but then venture outside of yourself and grow beyond any circumstance.

We need to continue to increase of levels of VItamin D3 through the low sun months and it is a great way to burst our lives with sunshine and joy by having a little citrus and green juice in our modern world. The three bean chilli and thick hearty stew options are preferred during the completion of winter. This allows for best digestion until the Spring Greens come back after winter is pushed away by the hieghtened levels of sun providing the energetic boost for fresh flowers and new growth.

In the coming weeks, the focus is directly pointed at the liver, enzymes, and blood cleansing for the whole human body. Loving your liver is the simplest task in all of the potential natural lifestyle changes that a person can take to have the greatest level of impact. Increased energy release from food, clean clear skin, and magical leaps towards weight loss after years of frustration are a few of the long-term benefits that this information can bring to your healing path.

Attend the class, join online, schedule today to begin this amazingly healthy goal and feel your best.

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