The New Method for Health Freedom

I am not the person to seek when you need to market and share a great idea. I did not invent the Tedx Platform, Amazon, or Paypal!

However, I am a person worth seeking to begin to want to balance your own life and the steps you take daily to maintain physical health and regain cellular function over the next year of time. But how can you take the first steps when there is so much to correct?

We must begin to build from a new foundation! As a geotechnical engineer, this was the process that I repeated for 11 years to prove the technique. Houses that built on native ground had problems, they feel apart, their slabs cracked, they became full of water and mold, and their swimming split and drained. No fun! Many horrible messes and stress of life magnified because someone wanted to save 10-50k to build a million dollar home on unprepared soil.

Human health is cellular health at its foundation. We are a few trillion little cells stacked together and performing specific tasks collectively to "Feel Good!" This is just like the simple little grains of sand and small stones that are meshed into a artificial fill soil mat. This is what holds up the house. What is holding up your cells?

The next 10 weeks is going to begin the process of helping more people begin to make this style of thinking and changing the daily behaviors of individuals back to personal responsibility. We have to want to be the soldier who fights the chaos of our lives. We have to make the effort to learn new steps of self care. Then you can expect new results from the foundation upward into the entire system.

This coming Monday July 8th 2019 at 6 PM located at 29995 Technology Drive, Suite 203 Conference Room we are going to begin this process. Each week we will focus on a new topic. Each topic allows you to rebuild the entire system in a better connection and assistance to the cellular whole.

We are providing two options for everyone to participate. A complete package option that will save $400 directly off the price to commit to the 10 week development of each class adding skills and information each week. The total cost is $600 for the entire 10 week system. Otherwise, you can attend the various weeks individually and glean the information that is available on a week that is most important to your body, focus, and life. Each class is $100 independently for a participant. We will have live audience members and digital attendence on a program called ZOOM. Download Link

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