The Silent Threat in Every Neighborhood since October 2019

These devices have been in the background of your city for most people over the last 10 years. These towers were responsible for the cell phone band radio frequency transmission disguised as pine or palm trees. They do this so it is not an eyesore, right! The microwave potential energy has been driven up from 24000hz to 60000hz in these last few years.

This is something boasted about by every major carrier. Having the best 4G and 4GLTE network! Can you hear me now? Do you see the pink all over your city and on the map? We can now constantly stream 4k UHD video episodes of our favorite TV and Movie shows anywhere we like, almost. However, many people are not so lucky to be using the devices and now acting like an antenna for the 5G or 50k+hz signals. The health of the nation and especially the bodies of children are at major risk. I recommend everyone look into the Netflix series called Afflicted!

The human body is best functioning at 7.58 hz or what is referred to as the Schumann's Frequency of our planet. When we touch the beach sand with bare feet, walk on dirt, climb on rocks, and sit close to plants or trees rooted into the ground, we reconnect to this frequency and our cellular function becomes electrically balanced. All of the signals in the microwave range above the natural electromagnetic range can create complications in various systems of the body. Nerve tissue conducts electricity, hormones follow electrical charges on the outside of your cells, your immune system needs to read cell membrane proteins, oxygen and hydration only work efficiently in the cellular stable charge environment.

What happens when you come in contact with this ultra high frequencies? These symptoms can range from a slight headache, muscle pain, sleeplessness, or anxiety all the way to allergic reactions, hormone suppression, gastric organ failure, and reproductive harm. The theories can become as scary as unraveling your DNA and initiation turmorization proteins. We know it can cause or exacerbate cancer within the body. All this for better pictures, movies, sounds, and eventually driverless cars, autonomous drones, and constant connection to Alexa or Google.

Many cities were forced by companies like Fronteir, AT&T, and Sprint to accept the towers and other styles of devices as critical infrastructure projects. Even if citizens showed concern and were looking for safety studies, they were ignored, bullied, or even killed. Research to prove the destruction of 5G can be hazardous to your health...because it can get you killed in accident or suicide. The most alarming research done was demonstrating that human embryonic cells, in female ovaries show rapid mutagenesis and some reports of sterility.

SCHOOLS, HOSPITALS, CRUISELINERS, TRAINS, and SUBWAYS, that activated the technology are just seeing the impacts this year. We are only 6 months into observing the effects and there is no signs of stopping the construction anytime soon.

All this is going on while the world is concerned about Chinese coronavirus and Wuhan pneumonia effects. But the worse is still to come. It is a project called Starlink by Elon Musk and it will deliver a frequency level 3 to 10 times as powerful via satellite and coat every single inch of the populated space and most of the wilderness too. No long term studies. No test subject or slow rollout plan.

We need to begin to react properly to this threat. If you are hoping to save your family, decrease illness rates, stop the constant impact of the 5G technology then you have to actively work on a program for your body. Many people just hope to buy a device, maybe turn things off before bed, but this is not going to be enough by the end of this year. You have to change habits and routines to reinforce your health. You can observe the situation properly and the make essential changes before it is too late and a serious illness require drastic care or treatments.

Electrical health is a new field of holistic living. Connect with me here on the website to discover upcoming classes that will focus on these ideas. If you want to know more you can look at my Facebook for the videos already completed or request a personal consult and invest correctly for your situation.

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