THE TURNING POINT: Awareness of a Problem does not have to Fear and Panic - Group Health Coaching

This is SARS-COV-2 up close and rendered by an artist but this is what we think is happening to all the people in the world affected by this pandemic! It is everywhere.

Are you going to live in a small dark cave with filtered water, Instacart grocery deliveries, no sunshine, no normal activities? That is one way to maybe get through this, but then what type of live do you have? I feel this is the turning point for most to connect with realistic and simple strategies that allow for personal care techniques to rebuild confidence and activate true health!

The media plays only the horror clips and runs the advertisements that profit from having your attention. We need to learn a better way. There is more to this than hand washing. Plus if you learn the strategies and techniques now, you will always be prepared for whatever comes next and how the system changes from this point forward. Publicly, politically, digitally, and spiritually things will change from this event. We are now more aware of the fact that things happening in parts of Iran, Italy, China, and America have drastic impacts on so many other locations. Maybe that is a key lesson in this process.

There is still only one answer to this that actually works long term. Self-responsibility, Self-care, and powerful personal routines make the difference when a problem is all around and not simple going to vanish.

Introduction to Concepts Video

The Group Coursework Classes will be an answer that effectively achieves this goal for all that participate. We will begin with this focus as the topic is of most interest and will serve as a platform tool to teach others along the way for various conditions. Are you ready for 8-10 weeks of developing your ability to properly care for yourself and loved ones? Then proceed to the Group Page and Sign up for the time that best suits your weekly schedule.

We can win all other battles if we can begin to stop fighting so much within ourselves. There is peace and joy out there if you can stand ready and aware!

Dr. Joseph Montgomery, Ph. D. DHS