What happens when true science meets factual journalism?

You have a story that makes almost everything you are being told about the SARS-COV-2 strain structure from the Surface or S-protein was laboratory-derived and then activated to immediately be ready for human lung, liver, and kidney cell transfer and basic flu/cold medicines would cause complications during treatment.

Please share the truth with friends and family.

Wuhan-400 Pneumonia was predicted almost 50 years ago as the trigger of a global pandemic.

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Sources: https://www.infowars.com/must-see-documentary-tracks-down-origin-of-wuhan-coronavirus/

and parent source -https://epochtimes.today/is-wuhan-coronavirus-a-bioweapon-here-are-what-the-facts-say/

Here is the info that you want everyone to know before they go back outside.



There was a plan that began in 2015 and it was ready for deployment by rogue elements within the United States, WHO, and CCP! Imagine what would have happened in a world with a President Hilary, open borders, high levels of unchecked immigration, zero travel bans, broken economics, and disregard for American lives.

Please continue to research and watch for the changes in the information shared by other news sources. Wuhan-400 pneumonia is a parallel story that is happening concurrently to the 5G broadband microwave transmission rollout program making way for the driverless car and constant RealID or ID2020 protocols set up by Bill Gates, John Hopkins, Mark Zuckerburg, and Communist China's Infinite Levels of Surveillance Structure!