The Cosmergy Solution

The problem inside the human body is Inflammation.  The reason inflammation hurts, is swelling and stiffness within organs, joints, tissues, and muscles.  What creates the inflammation within these areas, an overload of some form of cellular or foreign acidic compound locked up within the intercellular or intracellular space of the body.  


This product is the key to healing the effects of a cell that has been altered by the effects and impact of holding cellular acids, naturally!  


The product contains water and a pinch of salt.  Less than 1 gram for the osmolarity of programming the water to separate and stabilize the Hydroxyl or OH- a fraction of the water molecule.  The research and the continued healing therapy of developing a stable human alkalinity reset program from the research of Nobel Prize winning, Dr. Otto Warburg of Germany, is now available in the United States.  


The water is activated to maintain a 12.0+ pH solution and is desirable to ingest on an empty stomach within the first 10-20 minutes of waking and about 30 minutes prior to bed.  


The most amazing technology has been developed to bring you a solution that works in two very distinct and different ways.  One aspect of the product is that you will swish for about 3-5 second when you first take a drink and subsequently one day each week to see what "FLAVORS" appear on your tongue.  This is the diagnostic phase of the process to determine the area of extreme acidity and inflammation being held within the body.  A chart will be given to anyone purchasing the product to be able to reference while using this detoxification program.


As your flavor indication is written down and discussed within your program each week, then you will have the daily ingestion of the product to reduce the levels of cellular acids.  This can further focus your detoxification process with better recommendations on which body organs are in stress.  

COSMERGY -pH Homeostasis Starter Pack

  • Three Total 1 liter bottles of Cosmergy Solution!