Class Begins On April 9th 2020 at 600 PM PST - *PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP or *ZOOM LINK REQUIRED


March 2020 has brought to the American populations a sense of fear, dread, distrust, and panic.  All the shopping for the items that everyone else thought was important has done nothing to stop the spread or infection rates of our country.  The hoarding of toilet paper in a time of economic turmoil and distrust might provide some relief and comfort, however, it will not keep your immune system operating at its best for the months ahead.


This set of current events is something that I have been aware of and prepared for since 2002. Working within a biotechnology lab, playing with DNA, knowing that people were going to be eating retrovirus altered food products, now called GMOs, (Genetically Modified Organisms) scared me to the absolute core.  I know that other scientists were playing with viruses and bacterium.  I know that you take all of the best precautions and then in an instant those protective measures either are ignored or purposefully broken.  


What are you going to do?  How will you live?  What changes are you trying to create in your life now that you are aware of a problem?  Everyday you are creating or destroying your health.  Luke 12: 29-31 is a powerful consideration.  The days we expect to receive will be "more at joy and peace" you will enjoy the best days for all your days.  The gift of life has been set to 120 years.  


This current pandemic stress creates perspective on how you live and prepare for your life.  Everyone thinks that they have all the time, until they have none.  Please do not be caught in that position.  Almost all medical complications can be prevented, mitigated, or reduced in the severity that you experience.  That work is something that repays the person who makes the commitment for years into the future.  


After doing this work for so many years, I have seen great success and horrible failures.  I have seen most people try enough to change a little but ultimately revert back to old habits and behaviors because the alternative was not as scary as this virus spreading is today.  


Each week there will be a group class that is livestream or broadcast via Facebook or Zoom.  This allows you to watch as you are available.  However, if you catch the live broadcast then you can ask some questions and learn in a rapid pace.  The ultimate portion of the process is the personal session after each of the broadcasts to manage and modify each concept into the best configuration for yourself.   That seems to have always been the magic point for people making changes in thier lives regarding health and spiritual development.  They are beautifully interconnected, interlaced, and cooperative.  


Are you ready to get to work while you are away from all the other distractions of your life?  

Are you ready for simple, common sense daily practices that convert your whole body?

Do you have a current chronic illness that feels unmanageable, that creates greater fear with this current issue, and that restricts your ability to ENJOY life?


*Paid clients only can activate and attend this option

Thursday 600 PM - COVID-19 Weekly Group Class Livestream

  • The total cost for this program is $555!

    In times of struggle, as we have now, please feel free to contact my website with personal question for payment options to learn how to begin now and pay later for your personal health care program.  Down payment options with monthly extensions can be a perfectly agreeable solution.


    We are wanting to be a part of the solutions for this great country to bounce back and maintain strength for years to come.  Thank you!


    Ezekiel 36:26