Why can we live through hard times?

December 18, 2018

As I continue my march towards promises to arrive at the proper place of the mind and heart, I discover that there is so many things that I think that are not correct within myself.  I get lost in the everyday business and busy-ness of life.   Once I slow down to think and look at the situation, instead of fear and react, then I am exposed to amazing new perspectives and changes begin to become commonplace.  Prosperity and truth are collective and collaborative.  I fall back on these words,


Why do you cry out over your injury [since it is the natural result of your sin]?
Your pain is incurable (deadly).
Because your guilt is great
And your sins are glaring and innumerable,
I have done these things to you.
‘Therefore all who devour you will be devoured;
And all your adversaries, every one of them, will go into captivity.
And they who plunder you will become plunder,
And all who prey upon you I will give for prey.
‘For I will restore health to you
And I will heal your wounds,’ says the Lord,
‘Because they have called you an outcast, saying:
“This is Zion; no one seeks her and no one cares for her.”’


“Thus says the Lord,
‘Behold (hear this), I will restore the fortunes of the tents of Jacob
And have mercy on his dwelling places;
The city will be rebuilt on its [old, mound-like] ruin,
And the palace will stand on its rightful place.
‘From them (city, palace) will come [songs of] thanksgiving
And the voices of those who dance and celebrate.
And I will multiply them and they will not be diminished [in number];
I will also honor them and they will not be insignificant.
‘Their children too will be as in former times,
And their congregation will be established before Me;
And I will punish all their oppressors.
‘Their prince will be one of them,
And their ruler will come forward from among them.
I will bring him near and he shall approach Me,
For who is he who would have the boldness and would dare [on his own initiative] to risk his life to approach Me?’ says the Lord.

God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob I have found myself in the place to be so BOLD.  Please forgive me. I walk willingly towards you, knowing that I will suffer the correct levels according to the sin of this life.  But I have the faith that this WRATH will go out even deeper and more destructive on those who fight themselves and challenge your position in thier world.  I am arms wide open and comfortable in this place but I keep my head held up higher towards the healing side of the process.  I will assist all others to be able to withstand the fire.  I bring myself into the joy of the journey and peace with the process.  I can sing and dance, within my knowing. 


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