"I am so thankful to have been introduced to Joe and his company, Brilliance Nutrition. I cannot recommend him enough. He is so highly skilled in natural medicine and health that each time I consult with him I am astonished with his wealth of knowledge. All of my friends and family know that when they speak to me about ailments, not feeling well, diet, or their all around well being, I say; Call/See Joe. My husband, mother, and mother in law continually seek Joe's help now.

I have known Joe Montgomery for five years. Since being introduced to him, I have virtually discontinued the use of "Western Medicine" practices, mainstream M.D.'s and the use of antibiotics. Most recently, I worked for an Internal Medicine MD yet would speak with Joe if I was ever sick or had health questions or concerns... ALWAYS. I trust Joe and know he always has my best interest in mind. Joe has lead me to open my eyes to nutrient foods/diet, natural remedies, how hormones affect our bodies, as well as what supplements and minerals I should take. This is his passion and it shows.

For my entire childhood, teenage years, and young adulthood I suffered from severe strep throat. I would be given antibiotics, then it'd go away, to only return three months later. I was tired of the vicious cycle of never being "cured." I was even told having my tonsils removed would probably be necessary. However after reading about the risks of removing them, I decided to get a second opinion. Joe suggested natural forms of Vitamin C, probiotics, and other natural supplements, as well as upping my vitamin intake and so on. I have not once had strep throat since. My body fixed itself with the help of Joe. 

Not only has Joe advised me when I have been sick but he has helped me with staying healthy too. Such as proper nutrition, daily vitamins, weight loss programs, juicing (the CORRECT kind, not the "fad" types,) and even items I put on my body; skincare, sunscreen, lotions, etc. He is so skilled in his field that I contact or meet with Joe for my entire body well-being.

So, if you are not feeling well, are feeling well, need an opinion regarding your health, what to take, what not to take, pain you are having, diet, nutriton, ETC ETC ETC, make an appointment and see Joe. Or, even set up a phone consultation. Joe is welcoming and humble. He never makes you feel dumb for asking certain questions or not knowing what something is. Believe me, you will speak with Joe once and realize that he will soon be a true confidant to you for your overall health and body happiness. I promise."

Whitney G.

Menifee, CA

"Let's see. Where do I even begin to tell you how amazing and wonderful Joe is. I guess I will start from the beginning... A little over a year ago I went to the hospital due to excruciating abdominal/stomach pain. I dropped over 15 pounds in a matter of 3 days and my weight continued to drop (I know what you might be thinking... Everyone wants to lose weight... But trust me, this was not a fun way to do it). I was unable to hold down any food or liquid and had to keep getting rehydrated with IV bags with sugar. I spent 7 days at Loma Linda where they ran ever test available and were unable to determine the problem. So they transferred me to UC Irvine for further treatment with specialists. After countless doctor visits, tests, and prescription pain pills, they too were unable to give a diagnosis. My weight continued to diminish and I was truly at a loss and felt as though modern medicine failed me. My mom, who had been with me through this whole ordeal, suggested that I meet with Joseph "Joe", a local health coach. The old me would have never even considered going to a health coach (thinking that I could just do it on my own) but the sick me knew that I had to try something and could not wait for doctors to just think of a new drug to feed me to mask the real problem. Upon meeting with Joe, I felt an instant connection. He looked at me and treated me like a person (not a paycheck) and he really made me feel as though he cared (because he did/does). For him, health coaching was/is his passion and I felt that he really wanted to see me get better. Within a few weeks of meeting with Joe and following his health regiment, I actually got better. He gave me my life back... And as if all that wasn't enough, Joe helped my husband and I start the next chapter of our lives. A few years back, doctors told me that I had a condition that would make it very difficult to become pregnant. Once Joe found out my goal of becoming a mother he put me on a new health plan/regiment that would help the process of achieving my new goal. Keep in mind everyone is different, but within two months my husband and I were pregnant with our first child. Joe was there every step of the way through my pregnancy making sure my son would be as healthy as possible. I didn't have any morning sickness and my pregnancy was a breeze. I truly think that my pregnancy went so well because my body was getting all the nourishment both my baby and I needed. My son was born healthy and happy. Joe was their every step of the way and is still there for me even today (when I now call him with all sorts of crazy baby/health questions... This guy really knows everything about EVERYTHING!). Joe isn't just my health coach, he is now, and forever will be, my friend. I cannot thank him enough for all that he has done for myself and my family. Joe, you truly saved my life! If you're considering a health coach, pick Joe! You won't regret it."

Jenna F.

Temecula, CA

"I can't be grateful enough to coach Joseph Montgomery for he has helped my 12 years old son recover from a major skin problem with a 100% natural way. He was able to find the root cause of the problem and treated it from the inside out contrary to the conventional medicine that has only been dealing with the symptoms and was harming his immune system. Also With the help of Coach Joseph and all the amazing superfoods and guidance that he recommends my son 's overall health has improved tremendously . I am sharing this today hoping that everyone who values their health and their beloved ones knows that there's always a better Way to healing and there's no shortcut for better health. Make your health a priority...All it takes is a consultation at Brilliance Nutrition with coach Joseph who is dedicated to helping others improve their lives holistically, and is very generous in sharing his enlightening knowledge."

Bariaa M.

Temecula, CA

"My experience at Brilliance Nutrition was wonderful and I would highly recommend making an appointment with Joe. My Daughter was diagnosed with asthma, chronic sinus infections and allergies. We went through months and months of doctor prescribed medication with no lasting results. I decided I needed a more natural approach to her health and made an appt at Brilliance Nutrition. After an enlightening and extremely helpful appointment, Joe created a regiment (super easy to follow in our case) that has worked BETTER than anything we have tried in the past. He was able to suggest natural ways for me to help PREVENT colds and allergies from turning into asthma attacks and sinus infections without the use of steroids or antihistamines. Joe has also been helpful when I have had questions about things I have read (Like...does this health claim have any merit? Should I be using this supplement?) and is quick to respond to my inquiries. My family and I are grateful for Joe's guidance and knowledge!"

Jillian W.

Murrieta, CA

When I think of Joseph Montgomery, two words come to mind: genius and kind. This is an unbeatable combination when it comes to getting help and guidance for health! Joseph is a walking encyclopedia of all things health, nutrition, and holistic wellness. I have gone to him with many different health issues and trust him completely in any recommendation he gives. He is 100% brain AND heart, and that is a rare thing to find!! If you want someone to help you create radiant health, this is the guy I would wholeheartedly recommend!!

Elyse M.

Murrieta, CA

"I’ve been wanting to write here now for a while but since no words can describe the foot print Joseph Montgomery has left in my heart, it delayed me posting here. In 2010 I was given an autoimmune name called “Hashimoto” I won’t get into the details of how I thought my life is ending with all the extreme flare ups!!! Because that wasn’t the only thing going on with me regarding my health. It gets complicated. Through the years I had invested in many natural therapies, healers, hiking, yoga, retreats, chiropractors, massages, acupuncturist, herbalists, books, detoxes, variety of healers, lasers, all sorts of equipments, supplements, juicing, going raw, vegetarian, vegan, nutritionists, health coaches, health mediums, seminars, events, spirituality, remedy after remedies, natural doctors, and even medical doctors, you name it I had done to be able to survive. To name one of many flare ups; I’ll share about my rashes. It looked like shingles as everyone thought I have shingles. It was so unbearable. Whatever I did, It kept heading a dead end. The day I met Joe was a day I was introduced to one of my Angels and from that day on a Miracle happened. I was loosing hope of doing all I can and still being faced with unbearable flare ups!!! I was believing it’s the end. Joe stood by me holding my hand through unstopable texts, live phone calls, no matter what time and when he was there for me and never gave up! Never Judged me and understood me and allowed the fear inside me scape as we worked through it. I am not saying it was easy, but I believed in him and did exactly as he told me to do! If it didn’t work for me he would find different ways that would work for my body. He would find the root cause of it instead of covering it up. He allowed my body to do the job. Today, I am still rash free!!! Joseph’s expertise and wisdom is beyond our time, and space. He can sit for hours explaining and guiding your brain to new levels of knowledge that is beyond this planet. He is so humble and comforting. With him I was being heard, understood, with an open heart. He is authentic! You’ll feel inspired and motivated to take all the steps it needs to be taken to get to where you want to be. You’ll remember who you are with him. You will feel the power within you has awaken!!! I’ll share one last example. I never had the courage to do the liver cleanse. I had nightmares and phobia with my own reasons. He tailored it to my body with his wisdom and expertise that works for me. He was there every second with his angel wings that I floated on and completed the impossible for me! Joseph is not only a health coach, He is an Angel sent from above, a Miracle in my life, he is our go to person for any health situations no matter how big, small, complicated."


Haleh M.

Los Angeles, CA

"Joseph Montgomery is the encyclopedia of herbs! Whats even more amazing is that he really "gets it"! In the two decades I've been in the nature health industry I have yet to meet someone who understands the hormonal connection due to toxic overload as much as Joseph does.

One thing I LOVE about Joseph is his ability to relate to whatever his clients are going through at the time. He listens and then accesses the situation.

Not only do I recommend Joseph to my clients, I also introduced him to my You Tube channel in two separate videos. He is "The Genius of herbs"!
Andrea L Cox
Owner of The healthy haven and Alkalize with Andrea retreats"


Andrea Cox

San Diego, CA

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