I am not the person to seek when you need to market and share a great idea.  I did not invent the Tedx Platform, Amazon, or Paypal!  

However, I am a person worth seeking to begin to want to balance your own life and the steps you take daily to maintain physical health and regain cellular function over the next year of time.  But how can you take the first steps when there is so much to correct? 

We must begin to build from a new foundation!  As a geotechnical engineer, this was the process that I repeated for 11 years to prove the technique.  Houses that built on native ground had problems, they feel apart, their slabs cracked, they became full of water and mold, and their swimming split and drained.  No fun!  Many horrible messes and stress of life magnified because someone wanted to save 10-50k to build a million dollar home on unprepared soil.

Human health is cellular health at its foundation. We are a few trillion little cells stacked together and perfor...

 The Joy of winter is coming to a close.  The cold air forces us to find ways to be warm.  We find great soup recipes.  The slow pace of winter should give us time to reflect.  

What is the main purpose and goal of my efforts towards healing? 

How can I continue to incorporate more aspects that further my understanding of holistic self care?  

Who can I connect with to enhance my community and feel less alone and isolated while healing?

The powerful piece of advice to place in your healing journal today...


Focus on the season that moves through our bodies, This is WINTER!!  What emotions are present for you in the winter months?  Are you homesick?  Do you have anxiety? Does the cold hurt your body? 

Many people, especially female bodies will expereince and deal with the releasing of irritations through the kidney and bladder systems.  There is a need for the routine warmth of liquids...

February 19, 2019

My mother-in-law has one of the most amazing life stories.  Born in Romania. She survived the Communist Regime of Stalin backed Ceausecu. As she studied, she focused on becoming a phenomonal chemist trained in University of Bucharest. As she grew up, she was married to an amazing Economist that prospered in the import/exports of the country trying to promote the welfare of a system that gave all of their resources to the Soviet Union and kept a portion local for basic needs.  No religious freedom.  No freedom of speech.  No freedom of travel.  No freedom of Due Process or Justice.  However, they both knew of this place in the world revered for the ideal of The Constitution, developed by men and women of the Colonial States forming a better union, a more perfect union, of The People, by The People, and for The People!!  

USA was a dream.  The stories of the Allies defeating the Axis in the theater of World War II, defenders of the greater good...

Sugar has invaded every aspect of the daily lives of children, adults and the elderly with disabling and lethal impacts. The rates of people diagnosed and affected by this global pandemic is very ominous. Sugar rich foods were once an extreme delicacy and only for those with the means to purchase the commodity and to have specific chef skilled at the use of this item in baked goods, treats, and celebrations.

Now sugar consumption for this country has hit new heights, the average level of An American per year is over 120 pounds. Our addiction has allowed us to become the country that spends the most money per person on healthcare and we have dropped to about 60th in the world for the quality of that care.

It is time to shift the paradigm. Everyone must first look to understand themselves and then we can have the greatest impact on the system that we use to care for ourselves, our family and the citizens of this great nation.

This coming Thursday at 7 PM, the class focus will be focused on...

How was your yesterday?  Did you get to the gym? Did you stay away from the bundt cake?  Was the hangover still a little too strong to drink just water and eat well on your new focused program?

That is perfectly ok if you said YES to any one or all of those questions.  Like all things you have ever learned to do over your life, making these changes happens slowly and in very productive piece like steps that you have to master before you can really go onto the next action or routine. 

You must learn to drink water happily each day, before you could ever water fast!  If your ability to make a vegan recipe out of your old food styles like BBQ jackfruit, you have to learn to become content that it is not Louisiana Style Ribs, slow smoked for 10 hours and fall off the bone delicious, and you want join the crowd to make people happy and be VEGAN.  Laughable.   If that second portion of that line hit you hard in the senses, it makes a powerful statement for where your mind and tongue...

This is the day that so many people join each other in one particular thought or another about change and productiveness.  We come to the annual ritual of making the promise we think a group of friends or family are going to proud of us if we make our efforts to achieve.  This is why it fails so often.  

We have to take care of ourselves for our sake.  We have to begin to want something for our own deep reasons.  If making a resolution made the difference then very few people would have large waistlines, bad skin or hair, be living tired and fogged, and not being as fit as they feel will make them acceptable for their spouse or friends.  This is not the case because we can hold onto a new idea or concept for about 30-90 days for someone else, but we will make a permanent change once we have an internal reason to see and be the steps to go from where we are currently to the place where we next find comfort and happiness. This is what honestly sets our position in almost ev...

December 18, 2018

As I continue my march towards promises to arrive at the proper place of the mind and heart, I discover that there is so many things that I think that are not correct within myself.  I get lost in the everyday business and busy-ness of life.   Once I slow down to think and look at the situation, instead of fear and react, then I am exposed to amazing new perspectives and changes begin to become commonplace.  Prosperity and truth are collective and collaborative.  I fall back on these words,

Why do you cry out over your injury [since it is the natural result of your sin]?
Your pain is incurable (deadly).
Because your guilt is great
And your sins are glaring and innumerable,
I have done these things to you.
‘Therefore all who devour you will be devoured;
And all your adversaries, every one of them, will go into captivity.
And they who plunder you will become plunder,
And all who prey upon you I wil...


I have been in a constant battle and struggle my entire life of allowing myself to feel positive and good about myself and my purpose.  I have a sad story.  It is not the worse of conditions that many others I hear from and understand how life could be different in so many ways that could have been worse.  However, my story was covered in self doubt and self destruction, constant self pity and self criticism.  I have no other enemies but myself.  

I am just now learning to break free from this concern and condition of life and harness that sad story as the beginning tale of victory and success in this present day from all my efforts.  The old story doesn't matter anymore because it is the process that has developed me into the person I feel I am today and that success is where I want to live from this moment forward into the bright and determined future.  



Natural Health Solutions Expo

Our Purpose

Vision Statement

Health is a state of mind, body, and soul being in perfect alignment and balance – or homeostasis. 

To return to health, we must return to asking, knowing, and practicing what we need to achieve true holistic health and wellness.  We must improve our diets, digestion, thoughts, habits, and lifestyle choices. We must study the science of homeopathy, naturopathy, aromatherapy, gemmotherapy, and advanced nutritional supplementation that can balance and enhance our biochemistry. We must embrace healing protocols and treatments that can improve our health and relieve stress.  Breakthroughs in anti-aging, longevity, and environmental research are being made on a continual basis but are not being reported or shared with the general public.

Our Vision is to help share this knowledge with the world to promote optimal mental, physical, emoti...

Crazy market tactics, big promises from big companies, doctors selling products they know very little about to add $20-500 extra per person on sales, backyard moonshine style producers, and a government that can not seem to make up its mind about what this green plant can do for you in your health journey makes this one of the most controversial health topics today.  

Come relax in the chaos of the holidays for a couple of hours and understand what you can expect and can achieve from the various products, therapies, companies, and enjoy a thorough discussion, warm drinks (healthy caffeine free drink options) and learn more about your body once you can become exposed to this miracle plant.  

Distributors, producers, and manufacturers are welcome, but I warn anyone, if you turn my educational event into a sales pitch for your product, I will make you wish you went and sat with Santa at the Mall!! 

​Copyrights - A Christmas Story (All Rights Reserved) 
Mary Merry...

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This is the day that so many people join each other in one particular thought or another about change and productiveness.  We come to the annual ritua...

New Year, New You!! Not Likely, But That Is Going To Be OK!

January 1, 2019

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